Monday, January 17, 2011

Led Zeppelin Song of the Week: Communication Breakdown

This song, the seventh track on their debut album Led Zeppelin, was an archetype for punk music that emerged in the late 70's. Although most punk bands claimed to have hated Led Zeppelin, it's easy to see that they were hugely influenced by the hyper-speed power chord riff of this song and its chugging groove was an influence on both heavy metal and punk.

The song features an incredible wah-wah solo by guitarist Jimmy Page, who achieved his signature tone on this song by using the wah pedal rocked all the way forward.

The song has been covered by quite a few great artists (Soundgarden, Iron Maiden to name a few), but this is my favorite:

Vocalist Myles Kennedy shreds on this track even more than Slash does.


  1. Page's guitar work is simply jaw dropping, please post more of this!

  2. I approve of your song choices!

  3. good collection, look forward to more.
    following and supporting.

  4. Amazing performances, man